Dissemination of an event is the key to a successful sponsorship.

MeiLong media department to follow the growth of the company, is responsible for promotional event for a long time, and battle-hardened, exploits hehe. Have set up complete sports media platform of cooperation, both at home and abroad more than 200 media established good relations of cooperation, including television, newspapers, network, etc.

Tailored sports media solutions for our customers

Malon has a profound knowledge of local consumers and an an extended media network thus Malon can provide clients flexible, economical, and targeted media combination service that could bring the most expected dissemination effect.

Investment, Development, Operation, and Dissemination of Sport Events/Competitions

Malon can discriminate the sport events with potential value, and develop and disseminate those events by flexible ways of investment, cooperation, or brokerage etc. Malon excels in tapping and enhance potential values of an event, making it a niche and great one so as to reach a win-win result.

Successful Case

    ● Cup of China ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating

    ● 1st International University Rowing Regatta

    ● China Sport Show

    ● China Alpine Skiing Tour

    ● Opening Ceremony of China National Ice and Snow Festival

    ● ThinkPad sponsored Snooker China Open

    ● Motorola CBA League

    ● CCTV《World Cup in Germany》

    ● CCTV《Healthy City》