Integration of enterprise resources and the sports resources and improve enterprise brand value

‘A successful sponsorship is a brand magnifier.’ Successful sponsorship activities connect consumers by providing brand experiences; a successful sponsorship distinguishes a brand among the market; a successful sponsorship accelerates communication across multiple regions, cultures, and languages; a successful sponsorship remains a integrated platform for a complete marketing; a successful sponsorship is a way to interact with consumers by present the brand product and service; a successful sponsorship also stand for the mission and vision of an enterprise.

Malon is responsible for sponsorship resource analysis, brand image and value enhancement strategy, and systematic sponsorship management. By all above, it could be ensured that the sponsors’ rights and interests are guaranteed, and sponsors receive high value-add service as well. Apart from that, Malon provides regular implementation report to inform clients the process and to determine the sponsorship effect.

Malon, one of the most experienced sport agency that provides professional sponsorship management service for enterprises, has been a reliable and leading partner of enterprises including Lenovo, Motorola, Master Card etc.

Olympics Consulting

The 2008 Beijing Olympics and the success bid of 2022 Winter Olympics brings a noticeable rise in ice and snow events and plenty of golden sport marketing opportunities to enterprises.

The professional and passionate Malon team can find the best starting point for enterprises entering the 2022 Winter Olympics marketing and spread it into business industry.

Sports marketing/marketing consulting services

Sport marketing is an eye-catcher.

How to determine a positive sponsorship? What have our competitors done? How to raise the success rate of a sponsorship?

What events suit the market demand? How to find our consumers? How to set the marketing platform?

Malon provides consulting service in order for enterprises and sport resources hoders.

Successful case

● Lenovo Sponsored 2008 Beijing Olympic Games(2004-2008)

● Lenovo sponsored China Tennis Open

● ThinkPad sponsored Snooker China Open

● Motorola Chinese Men’s Basketball A League

● Motorola Badminton Challenge China

● Motorola sponsored CBA League.

● Alcatel Ping Pong Club Super League

● Alcatel Cup 1st World Ping Pong Club League

● Audi quattro Cup Golf Tournament

● Motorola CBA Promotion Activities and CUBA Campus Promotion Activities

● Master Card issued World Cup Theme Bank Card

● Nike Sponsored the press conference of China National Swimming Team