Founded in 1993, Malon is now one of the most experienced companies of sport marking and event operation in China.

With unremitting endeavor in the past 22 years, Malon is a pioneer and forerunner of sports industry in China, and witness to its growing. Following the vission of 'Make the Best, Please the masses' , Malon has been dedicated to dissemination of love, glory, strength, and beauty that brought by sports, and to an ideal of becoming a cultivator who integrates merits of sports and other industries into a whole.

Malon excels in tapping potential values of an event, based on its insight of China's sports market and customers' needs, and its professional sports marketing skills. Malon's business includes event operation, sponsorship management, sports brokerage, media dissemination, public relations, and visual design and production, among which the core business is event operation and sponsorship management. Malon has long been dedicated to professional sports marketing service for domestic and international enterprises, and sport resources owners. In the long run, more professional IP events will be brought to China's market.

Malon has gained rich event operation and management experiences in the past over 10 years. Cup of China ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, as an example, is now crowned as a leading ice and snow event in China since 2003, when it was exclusively popularized by Malon. As an experience and professional sport company good at ice and snow events, Malon is going to set foot also in more other ice and snow events, following the bid success of 2022 winter Olympics and implement of a policy that aims to promote winter sports among 300 million Chinese people.

The sponsorship management business is mainly for brand clients to target and sponsor sport resources, and it it also to provide consulting and sponsorship management service. Since 1996, when Malon entered the sponsorship management business, Malon has gained rich experiences from providing sponsorship management to international brands including Motorola, Lenovo, Master Card, Samsung etc.

The future development strategy also focuses on events operation. That is to mine the potential of niche and great events by professionalism, on the basis of deepening the present events’ influence.

Malon will go public on New OTC Market (an over-the-counter market for SMEs) on 31st Dec. 2015, as a way to upgrade the company brand and business and become the first China’s stock of ice and snow events, with help from capital market.

After going public, Malon will adopt a leading and proper management mechanism to make itself an entrepreneur platform for men of ambition and passion. Following a willing of benefiting others, Malon help those entrepreneurs to grow and absorb experiences from Malon resources and business so as to boost their project success that could contribute to China’s sports development.

The long-term unremitting efforts have crowned Malon with high prestige, rich experiences, stable teams, and outstanding achievements. In that context of sports popularization in China, Malon is gearing up for the unprecedented opportunities and challenges, with the merit of good timing, favorable geographical location and networks.

Professional experience and key business

➢ Event Operation

■ Events/Projects Investment, development, operation, and dissemination

■ Strategic Business Development and Public Relations

Sport Brokerage

Sport Association/Organization

Team and Athlete

➢ Sponsorship Management

Integrate resources of enterprises and sports industry to enhance corporate brand value

Olympics Consulting

Consulting of Sport Marketing and Dissemination

The industry recognized

Malon’s performance has gained wide recognition in sport industry. In April 2006, Malon stood out from nearly 100 candidate cases from dozens of sport companies in ‘China Sport Marketing Star’ and was awarded ‘The Best Sport Brokerage Company of 2005’.

Malon team

At present, Malon team consists of over 20 employees with a wide range of industries including sports, advertisement, public relations etc. They all have passion and devotion of sports and profound knowledge of sports market. Following the enterprise culture of ‘To People-Oriented and people development’, Malon team has gained practical experiences and becomes united and stable over the past years.

The core Malon team includes

Ms. May Wang, Chairman and General Manager,

Mr. Hao Song, Board Director and Copartner,

Ms. Lency Wang, Board Director and Vice-General Manager,

Mr. Tony Wu, Vice-General Manager,

and 4 other directors as well.

Each core team member has rich working experience in sports industry for a average of 15 years and thus enjoys an deep understanding of sports market in China.